Modernise your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a peaceful haven, somewhere where you can relax and forget about your troubles. The days where it is just a functional room are long gone. Hurleys Bathrooms can completely transform your old looking bathroom into a place of tranquillity. Adding special features to your bathroom such as mood lighting and sound.

We can re-design the complete layout of your bathroom so that it is possible for you to add a shower cubicle or an extra basin to it where this was not possible before due to the way your bathroom was laid out.

Our experienced plumbers, electricians and decorators can help you to design the perfect bathroom exactly the way you want it.

After your bathroom suite has been fitted, we can decorate your bathroom in the colour of your choice. Adding stylish flooring and wall tiles where needed. LED lights can be incorporated into the ceiling and heated towel rails can be fitted onto the walls.