Luxury and Modern Baths

Would you like to modernise your bathroom, and make it a place that is worth relaxing in? Perhaps you have seen a very desirable bath at a friend’s house or at a Hotel you have stayed at and need it in your life?

If the answer is ‘yes’, you will be glad to hear that Hurleys Bathrooms can make it happen. We can show you ways to improve the overall look of your bathroom just by changing one thing. You do not have to change your complete bathroom suite to make your bathroom look different. There are many ways you can make it look more welcoming.

Just by adding a freestanding bath, you can really change the whole look of your bathroom, giving it a sophisticated and modern look. There are a wide range of freestanding baths for you to choose from, as well as our extensive range of corner baths, spa baths and our single and double ended baths.

Your new bath will be the centrepiece of your bathroom. Somewhere to relax and enjoy the spare time you have to pamper yourself. To really set the mood, we can add lighting to the bottom of our single and double ended baths. The taps can be placed in the middle of your bath giving you the option to face whichever way you choose.

Corner baths

Spa baths

Double ended baths

Single ended baths

Free standing baths

Make bathing more enjoyable by choosing the right kind of bath for you and your family.